About us

Electrical System Installation in Rochester, NY

For over 50 years, Radec Electric has delivered unsurpassed quality in commercial and industrial electrical system installation. Our reputation of excellence has been achieved and maintained through our commitment to building value and confidence into every project that we complete. Whether your project is worth $5,000 or $5,000,000 or more, our dedicated team understands that your reputation is on the line. For this reason and so many more, we offer an unparalleled combination of experience, service and innovation to deliver to you the best job at the most cost effective price. After all, our reputation is on the line, too.

We offer a breadth of electrical contracting services, including:

Data/Telecom Cabling

Computer Network Installations

Complete Office Systems

 Low-Voltage Systems

 Building Systems Controls

 Fire & Security Wiring

HVAC Control Wiring

Automation & Instrumentation Wiring

Preventive Maintenance

The Radec Electric Difference

So why choose Radec Electric Corporation? Here are just a few reasons why Radec Electric’s services go above and beyond:

Breadth of Services

Radec Electric covers all facets of electrical system installation, including Data/Telecom Cabling, Computer Network Installations, Complete Office systems, low voltage systems, building systems controls, fire & security system wiring, CCTV, Access Control, Nurse Call Systems, Wireless Systems of all Types, Broadcast and Entertainment Systems, Paging Systems, Clock Systems, Automation and Instrumentation wiring, Parking Lots Lighting Maintenance and Contracts, Energy Upgrades, Service Upgrades, Equipment Installations, New Project Design, Storefront and Building Lighting, Generator Installation and Maintenance, UPS System Installation.

We are also a design-build contractor, helping our customers design the appropriate and highest quality electrical system to incorporate into their project, based on the customer’s own priorities. We then develop and install that design from start to finish. So we build that which we design, which delivers to you the customer, unparalleled efficiency in the overall process.

Well-Trained & Experienced Staff

The professionals at Radec Electric are not only highly skilled and experienced, but are committed to continually building their electrical contracting skills and expertise. Unlike other firms, our workers are paid based upon their ability and productivity. This means that every project you invest in is being completed by a contractor who has cultivated the proper skill level to charge you what they do. Our field electricians continually attend training in various industry and safety skills, including seminars, workshops, college courses, and other certification programs that will help to expand their skills. All either paid for by the company or company reimbursed to the employee. This means that their electrical skills, their productivity, their knowledge of safety procedures, and attention to detail is always at its highest level.

Radec Electric maintains a fully accredited New York State Registered Apprenticeship Training program. This program allows us to train our up and coming electricians to the highest level by combining classroom training with on-the-job training over a 5-year period. Only apprentices who successfully complete this program acquire New York State certification as a journeyman electrician. And every Radec Electric employee is required to be OSHA-10 certified at a minimum. This is a critical certification to demonstrate that each and every worker on the jobsite will be aware of and prepared for the real hazards that are present on a construction site.

A Highly Skilled Workforce + Continual Training – Delays – Safety Problems = Increased Production + Lower Costs = REAL CUSTOMER SAVINGS

To learn more about how you can become part of Radec Electric Corporation’s team, visit our “Join Our Team” page.

Our History Says It All

Radec Electric has over 50 years of family-owned experience, and we carry this family-owned mindset in everything we do. The majority of our employees have been a part of our team, our family, for a decade or more.. This experience and dedication to the industry has made us leaders in the electrical construction industry regionally and statewide, working tirelessly to improve the lives of our employees, our community, and our industry as a whole. And of course, the lives of each and every one of our customers as well.

To learn more about Radec Electric or to get started on your own electrical construction project today, call us at 585-271-6311 or email us at info@RADEC.com. We look forward to hearing from you.

To learn more about Radec Electric or to get started on your own electrical construction project today, call us at 585-271-6311 or email us at info@RADEC.com. We look forward to hearing from you.