Eastman Kodak – Janas Project

Scope: Radec Electric Corporation was one of only five electrical contractors selected to be part of the Janas team. Working closely with members of LeChase Construction and Kodak engineers, we were able to make a major contribution to moving over 4,500 people and numerous pieces of equipment and machinery from various locations to the Kodak Park campus. Approximately 500,000 square feet of office and laboratory areas were installed with numerous change orders in a period of eight months.

Sentry Group

Scope: The Sentry Group is the worldwide undisputed leader in the manufacturing of fire resistant safes, files, and other storage containers. Their name is synonymous with quality, value, and integrity. Naturally, all members of the construction team would be held to a demanding standard.

This industrial renovation project included new lighting and the expansion of the main electrical service to 3000 amps as well as several new heavy duty electrical distribution points throughout the building. Extensive coordination was required due to the ongoing building occupancy. All team members did a great job of maintaining communications and cooperation. All milestones were met or exceeded and additional work was accomplished within the original schedule.

Yancey’s Fancy Production Facility

Scope: New construction of a 112,000 square foot production facility located in Buffalo East Technology Park at a total cost in excess of $18 million dollars. The electrical requirements exceeded $2 million in labor and materials.

Construction Manager/Architect/Engineer: One Source Facility Solutions